Why Is this Survey Not in the NYT?

I’m talking about the one from the Iraqi Arabic newspaper Alsabaah at the top of Power Line this morning that says 78.3% of Iraqis intend to vote in the coming election and a whooping 87.7% support military action against terrorists. I don’t know how accurate those numbers are, but even if they are remotely true that are amazing stats. (For comparison purposes, an estimated 61% of females and 58% of males voted in our 2000 election. I imagine that may have gone up slightly in 2004. And we didn’t have anything more terrifying in our streets at the time than Michael Moore.)


Of course if figures like this hold for the election itself, it will be a fantastic triumph of democracy. The reverberations throughout the world should be great, unless they are undercut by the mainstream media because they just might benefit George Bush. (Can you believe they’re still not over that? George Bush will be dead some day, but democracy and fascism will live on as political systems, affecting billions of lives.) Thank the deity of your choice for the blogosphere. Can you imagine how the MSM would be reporting this if we weren’t here?

UPDATE: More on location news of Iraq from Mudville Gazette.


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