The Mullahs Up the Ante

I had read about spies being arrested in Iran a week or so ago on Debka, but this report has now reached the “establishment” press. According to today’s Telegraph:


Iran has arrested more than 10 people since March for spying on its atomic projects, the intelligence minister has said.

Ali Yunesi claimed the spies had been working for America and Israel and said three of them were working within the state nuclear programme.

What’s up? The Israelis claim to know nothing about such spies but a senior Israeli official said: “This is a way for the [Iranian] regime to bolster support at home. The last time they uncovered a ‘great spy ring’ was when they were under great pressure. This is always a good way for them to justify their policies at home.”

No word from Washington as far as I know. (hat tip: PeterUK)


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