Et tu, Caracas?

Aaron Mannes’ Profiles in Terror blog has a disturbing account of a rise in anti-Semitism in Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela:

The Colegio Hebraica, the private Jewish school in Caracas was raided by Venezuelan police on Monday, November 29. The raid took place at 6:30 AM, just as students were arriving for the start of the school day.


The state media had been trumpeting that the Mossad had played a role in the recent assassination of State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson. Anderson, who was initially charged with prosecuting environmental crimes, was handling all of the high profile political prosecutions – including that of the accused anti-Chavez coup plotters. Arrests related to this investigation have targeted prominent citizens and resulted in several shootouts. The investigation of Anderson’s murder is being used as an excuse to crack down on Venezuelan civil society. The putative Mossad connection was the excuse for the raid on the Colegio Hebraica.

Jews have always been the canary in the coal mine. When they are attacked, everyone’s freedom is in jeopardy. In the words of prominent Venezuelan journalist Carlos Blanco:

“That this red light be of use for all of those who fight for freedom; when a Jew is attacked for being such, we enter in a zone of total and absolute risk for the free thinking and existence of all, Jews and non Jews alike. Do not believe the official apologies, they are part of the same set up.”


Mannes has interesting links to follow in his post, but I decided to go on my own search to see what the Venezuelan strongman himself has been up to lately, since his victory got the seal of approval from Jimmy Carter. Lo and behold, look where Chavez’s been visiting over Thanksgiving weekend, making nice with the local leadership virtually the same time the raid was taking place at the Jewish school back home in Caracas. Extra points, but not too many, for those who guess. It’s not that difficult.


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