A Question about the United Nations Reform Report

The New York Times and many other outlets have written today about a new 95-page report commissioned by Kofi Annan recommending certain reforms in the United Nations. But despite the fact the link at the UN’s own site says “Welcome to the UN. It’s your world.” I have been unable to find this report online and have had to rely on press reports. O, les beaux jours!


The NYT and others are making much of suggested reforms by the panel regarding expanding the Security Council, about which Power Line has already expressed some skepticism.

But there is a larger question about this report. (Let’s leave aside for the moment the distinctly clubbish make-up of the panel… Brent Snowcroft, Amr Moussa, etc.) What about financial reform? I have seen no reference to it so far, but perhaps I have missed it. The NYT does not mention it, nor does the AP. But after what we have learned of Oil-for-Food, reform at the United Nations without financial reform (full transparency) is not reform at all. It is, quite literally, business as usual.


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