Thanksgiving in Kiev

A good surprise comes from the Ukraine to mix with our Pepcid as the Ukranian Supreme Court has temporarily blocked certification of their apparently rigged election. I had been wondering that some of the blatant stonewalling by the Iranians, reversing their position on nukes after only three days, was in some way related to the victory of the fascist forces in the Ukraine. After all, it is the Russians who seem to be the mullah’s great business partner and it was the Russians who seemed to be once more victorious over the long suffering Ukranian people. Fingers crossed for our democratic allies in New Europe.


I wish I knew more about this situation, because I think it’s important the blogs stay involved. Unfortunately, I am not particularly informed, although I did visit the Ukraine once (the Crimea, circa 1990) and I have the Ukraine in my blood (the legenday Odessa on my father’s side).

Meanwhile, not too far from the surface of Elaine Sciolino’s above-mentioned NYT piece on the European/Iranian nuclear “agreement” is the none-too-amazing revelation that the USA stands mostly alone against the forces of reaction. All the more reason to stay involved on both fronts, which, as I said, I suspect are strangely related.


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