Something to Be Thankful for at Thanksgiving

No, I’m not just talking about Michael Moore topping this year’s “Frigid 50” as the “most-cold-as-ice” person in Hollywood. Nor even Ben Affleck rounding out the top ten. I’m talking about the general decline of the actor as a force for anything. Only one of the top four movies this weekend is live-action and that one, “National Treasure,” is unlikely to have legs.


Is this a seasonal aberration or an over-all trend? Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’m tending toward the latter – over the long run anyway. More and more young filmmakers will be tempted by the increasingly flexible and inexpensive lure of CGI as time goes on in telling their stories. Those of us who have spent our lives kow-towing to the whims of stars can only be envious.

Speaking of which, I was amused to read in a recent LAT Calendar piece that Johnny Grant, the erstwhile “Mayor of Hollywood,” was bemoaning the absence of “live” stars from this year’s Hollywood Christmas Parade. The only ones showing up are Bart Simpson, SpongeBob, etc. Maybe the trend is happening faster thn I thought.

SOMETHING ELSE TO BE THANKFUL FOR: Just when things were threatening to get dull, OJ is back in the news. Can Faye Resnick be far behind?


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