Speaking of Hoaxes

Although he did not get through all 558 pages of the French medical dossier, Palestinian UN observer Nasser al-Kidwa has seen no evidence of poisoning in the death of his uncle Yasir Arafat – though, of course, al-Kidwa is not ruling it out. How could he? That would be behaving like an adult and possibly advancing his people. And of course Mr. al-Kidwa cannot resist a pathological opportunity to bash Israel.


“I believe Israeli authorities are largely responsible (for Arafat’s death) at least because of the confinement of the late president to the Muqata in very bad conditions for three years,” he said.

Uhuh. Shall we say “Are you Kidwa-ing me?”… Meanwhile, the US (with some positive Israeli contribution)is left, as usual, being the world’s grown-up. Suppose we just opted out? What would happen? Unfortunately, we don’t have a choice. Our own survival would be at stake in an increasingly infantile world, but just suppose…


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