Live in Fallujah... It's Saturday Night!

Channeling the Onion… or was it an audition piece for “Saturday Night Live”?… British Channel 4 “Presenter” Hugh Thomson has written one of the most inadvertently comic opeds yet for The Guardian. Mr. Thomson apparently sees the WoT as “Christian fundamentals” vs. “Islamic fundamentals”. [What happened to Jewish neocons?-ed. Must have slipped his mind. What about you agnostics? Where do you fit in? We’ve been brainwashed by Billy Graham, don’t you remember?].


Meanwhile, Mr Thomson informs us:

In the ideological and military clash of Christian fundamentals with Islamist fundamentals, the western media are simply off-limits to the latter. I am still getting emails every week from viewers demanding why we are not in Falluja, Tikrit, Amara covering this war properly and showing the other side.

What Thomson seems to be saying is that the “balance” situation would be rectified if some of our journos were embedded with the suicide bombers, etc., instead of with those indiscriminately war-like Marines. Care to volunteer, Mr. Thomson?

Via Clive Davis… and don’t miss Harry’s Place as well.


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