Which Side Are You On?.... Part 745

Earlier today I was drafted on the Hugh Hewitt’s Show at the last minute. When it happens that way, I don’t have a chance to put up an alert on the blog. Hugh called to ask what I thought of comments made my Chris Matthews on Hardball in which Chris said of the Iraqi ‘insurgents’ “they’re not bad guys especially, just people who just disagree with us…”


Well, it is so, if you think so, part 954… Apparently, Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC political correspondent, was on the show before me trying to defend Matthews who O’Donnell claimed had been misunderstood. Mathews intended his statement just as an illustration of how the ‘insurgents’ might be feeling regarding that Marine who might have gotten trigger happy with a wounded terrorist. That’s the Marine who had previously himself been shot in the face. So it goes in war.

Hugh quickly added me to the discussion because he knew I wasn’t particularly sympathetic to this kind of cultural relativism – not anymore anyway, assuming that’s what it was, which I don’t. I found Matthews’ comments despicable. But then I guess I just have trouble lumping our soliders in any way with Islamic terrorists who cut peoples’ heads off or Baathist fascists who seek to reinstate a regime that dumped children in mass graves with their toys. I leave that kind of moral equivalency to Chris Matthews and his ilk.

But then these days I’m an acknowledged regime-changer and supporter of the administration. Therefore I am suspect. Never mind that getting rid of dictators used to be the policy of liberal Democrats and that I oppose the administration on several social issues… I am still a suspect hothead who thinks the Mainstream Media has turned reactionary in defense of views that no longer make the slightest sense.

So leave me out of it, since I am biased, and consult IRAQ THE MODEL. Omar, one of the three Iraqi brothers who write this blog which I regard as one of the most important documents of our time, in or out of the mainstream, was outside Iraq to meet with my buddy Jim Hake of “Spirit of America” in Jordan. While there, Omar made the following observation:


Being out of the events’ field for a week and having the media as the only source of information made me understand more why many people have a blurred vision about the situation in Iraq, I mean watching Al Jazeera and the CNN for a relatively long time made Iraq- at certain moments-look like “hell on earth”. Fortunately I lived my whole life in Iraq and when it comes to events taking place over there I can distinguish between the truth and the lies to a certain degree but my concern is about people who have never been there because the media twist facts and exaggerate things in an unbelievable manner.

I wonder how Chris Matthews would react to that. I would like to watch his face as he reads it.

MEANWHILE: Matthew Heidt – as opposed to Mathews, Chris – knows which side he is on. (via LGF)


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