Roger L. Simon

Our Man In Iraq

I mean the blogosphere’s Greyhawk who has updates from Mosul far more interesting than what you will read in the MSM (the Los Angeles Times‘ coverage, as Greyhawk points out, comes from London)… He includes a long quote and link to a teen age Iraqi girl blogging from Mosul. Extraordinary.

Of course, I have girls on my mind, having just bought my daughter Madeleine a gift at the American Girl Cafe across from Rockefeller Center before returning to Los Angeles tonight. It is a brisk clear day in New York with Christmas already in the air. As I watched the skads of shoppers descending on the stores, the election felt months behind us. I wondered if all these well-heeled New Yorkers, so many of whom reviled Bush for so long, were beginning to lose their anger and would join us to help build a better future for that brilliant teenage girl in Mosul. Time will tell.