Roger L. Simon

The Three Parts of California

Is California itself… for all its fruits and nuts reputation… a micrcosm of America? The RogerLSimon secret source within the political establishment seems to think so.


A day or so ago I reported his breakdown of the surprising growth (doubling) of the Bush vote in largely Jewish Beverly Hills. Some wondered if this might be ascribed to a similar growth of Iranian and Orthodox Jews in those communities. To some degree perhaps, but similar (though lower) increases occurred in other neighborhoods with significant Jewish populations: mega-trendy West Hollywood (up 6.5%), Calabasas (up 8%) and Agoura Hills (up 7%). The latter two are mixed suburban communities with virtually no Orthodox presence. (Those are percentages of the vote, by the way, not percentage gains computed on previous years)

My secret source sees California divided into three parts. The San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and Red State California (everyone else) which went wildly for Bush. The Bay Area went equally, if not more, wildly for Kerry. Bush did even worse there than he did in 2000, which is like less than zero. My secret source calls the Bay Area an over-sized college town (he’s a witty guy). Los Angeles, however, is an area in transition, what the secret source calls “a serious city.” That’s why I love it.

UPDATE: The BoifromTroy, a WeHo guy, has more surprising stats from the City of Angels.

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