Roger L. Simon

Dept. of the Depressing (& etc.)

I did not watch the interview live, but I am given to understand from this article that only days after the election Karl Rove was already on television urging the passage of the constitutional amendment forbidding same-sex marriage that has already failed once. As a supporter of gay marriage, I naturally disagree with this, but I find even more disturbing the use of the US Constitution for this purpose, especially since it has overtones of paying off a political base. We are in the midst of a war against Islamicfascism and this kind of divisiveness seems particularly ill-timed. Although I never bought for a moment the argument that a Kerry victory would have forced the Democrats to “own” the War on Terror as their own, I do buy the necessity of bringing our country together behind this war to the degree it is possible. This kind of posturing with the Constitution does the opposite. (hat tip: M. Simon)

UPDATE: I would like to note that this was a Reuter’s article, therefore one must reserve judgment. I will revisit this if I see the interview myself tonight. I am flying to NY tomorrow morning at 7AM Pacific, however, so you may not hear from me on this matter for a while. My hotel in NY does have WiFi in the room, however, a new trend, so I will be blogging again toward the end of the day. Events seem to be unfolding in Falluja. Feel free to comment on them here. I will add my two cents when possible.