Oui pour detente...

…from Arthur Chrenkoff:

Whatever we might think of foreign leaders and their ideological preferences, these people also tend to be realists. Now the uncertainty is over and it’s time for plan B. Another few years of Cold War is not a productive option for anyone. The governments around the world are realizing, to use Lyndon B Johnson’s favorite formulation, that it’s better to be inside the tent pissing out than the other way around. As a mate of mine likes to say, even piss kills if from a a great enough height, but as the international community has discovered it’s difficult enough to achieve the necessary deadly height if you’re planning to urinate on a hegemon and a hyper-power.


Arthur’s lengthy post is more than worth reading. As usual, he makes sense. MEANWHILE, Alaa – The Mesopotamian – logs in with his view of the US election from Iraq.

(URL fixed for Chrenkoff.)


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