Roger L. Simon

Annals of the Mainstream Media

Looking for diversion waiting for this interminable election finally to be over, I noticed the new newspaper circulation figures for the last six months on Drudge. With few exceptions (New York Post up 5.2%), our twenty most popular dailies are basically flatlining or losing readers (LAT down 5.6%, SF Chron down 8.5%!). I don’t know how this translates to their advertising revenues, but they can’t be terrific, except perhaps for an election bump.

Despite their relatively miniscule size, the more popular blogs have shot up dramatically during the same period, frequently by two or three hundred percent. It’s highly unlikely for such growth rates to continue but something clearly is happening. The media is democratizing. Undoubtedly blogs and related forms will soon be doing more original reporting of their own. I look forward to it.