Roger L. Simon

Wisdom from Abroad

The estimable Gregory Djerejian of The Belgravia Dispatch seizes on the time difference to give us a throrough recap of the Al Qaqaa Story “as told by the New York Times.”

Meanwhile, hold onto your hats (I certainly have mine). As alert readers of this site must know, the next few days will feature several rolling media earthquakes. The first on tap, evidently, is what is clearly the carefully timed release in the British medical journal Lancet of a Johns Hopkins report of an estimated one hundred thousand dead in Iraq. Of course publishing figures like this on the eve of an election is unconscionable because they cannot in any way be checked, even assuming that there would be a method of ascertaining such a thing n the first place under present conditions, which is doubtful. It’s time to be skeptical of people making rash charges. As a dieing woman once said, “Intergity, integrity, integrity.”

UPDATE: Random Birkel has some interesting questions about the survey in Lancet.