Roger L. Simon

The Kleptocrat Who Cried Wolf

Has Arafat “lost consciousness“? This news is being reported by several sources. We know, however, in the past Yasir has used his deteriorating physical condition to garner political sympathy. Is that happening again or…?

UPDATE: Here’s what Debka is reporting: Palestinian Authority finally admits Arafat’s condition serious – as DEBKAfile has reported since Saturday. Palestinian leader, 75, refuses to leave his Ramallah HQ although his situation worsening.

Tunisian medical attendants have improvised a makeshift sickroom for minor diagnostic procedures under partial anesthetic. They insist on full-scale tests in overseas hospital before deciding if he has cancer.

Haaretz, of course, is watching closely and has similar information. Maybe he’s not crying wolf this time. It’s hard to imagine a world without Arafat. What will it mean?