Roger L. Simon

Et tu, CBS...

… but, of course. No surprise there as we learn that Sixty Minutes – that upscale version of the National Enquirer (apologies to the Enquirer) – was planning on joining in the journalistic gang bang surrounding what some are calling Bomb Gate. After Dan Rather stonewalled for weeks on the National Guard forgeries, how can we take these people seriously? Maybe Jacques Derrida isn’t dead. The truth is all relative and malleable to those who want to use it for their own ends, conscious or unconscious. The victim in that is, of course, democracy and those who linked fascism and deconstruction had a valid point.

Meanwhile back at the ranch of the perpetrator of this fantasy, the venerable Gray Lady, it’s Saturday Night Live as the Times trumpets: Iraq Explosives Become Issue in Campaign. How do they do this with a straight face? [Maybe they don’t.-ed] Actually, as N. Z. Bear shows us, the Times behaved just like a guilty child, burying the truth deep in its initial article. (I didn’t mean to lie, mommy. Don’t send me to bed without my dinner.) This is precisely what they did in the Swift Vet story, burying the real lead, that Kerry had made a complete fabrication on the floor of the Congress about spending Christmas in Cambodia, beneath a morass of irrelevancy. Captain’s Quarters wrote that the Times owes those brave people who risked their lives defusing thousands of tons of actual explosives an apology. He’s right.