Roger L. Simon

Beware the Puff Daddy!

Those ‘Team America’ rascals Trey Parker and Matt Stone… already having incurred the wrath of Sean ‘Puff Daddy or insert-your-name-here’ Combs… for having the temerity to lampoon the ersthwhile rapper/fashionista’s “Vote or Die!” campaign… are at it again. According to the Daily Dish (scroll down):

Parker says that, in the first episode of the new “South Park” season (airing Wednesday on Comedy Central), students will have to chose a mascot for South Park Elementary – voting for either a giant talking feminine hygiene product or a “t–d sandwich.”

Their character Stan “doesn’t want to vote,” says Parker. So Combs, whose slogan is “Vote or Die,” comes to kill him.

Invited to fire back, Combs’ rep says, “Puffy is focusing too hard on getting the vote out to pay attention to Matt and Trey’s cartoon.”

Sounds like another winner for Parker/Stone. I’ll be watching.