Roger L. Simon

Oil-for-Food update

According to the London Telegraph, American prosecutors are considering indicting former Oil-for-Food head Benon Sevan.

“We have tried to find out what part he had, and we’ve been working to lift the lid on what he did,” said one official on the House International Relations Committee. “My understanding is that we can indict him without lifting diplomatic immunity. That’s what we did with Noriega.”

If so, the Iraqi people may end up paying for his defense. It seems they will already be ponying up for the UN investigation of the very Oil-for-Food program that fleeced them to the tune of billions. Don Kofi wants to take those costs out of Oil-for-Food’s already depleted… or should I say looted… coffers.

Meanwhile, this editorial does a good job of explaining what I have said before – that Oil-for-Food is the hidden key to the Iraq War, explaining the motivations of so many. The articles also relates the scandal to the decision before us.

The Iraq Survey Group (ISG) report delivered by CIA chief weapons inspector Charles A. Duelfer before the Senate Armed Services Committee was quite illuminating regarding the circumstances surrounding the US decision to invade Iraq. John Kerry was quick to seize on the one finding that no stockpiles of WMDs have been discovered and declared once again that President Bush had misled the country into war.

He conveniently ignored the rest of the report which states that Saddam’s goal was to restart his weapons production as soon as he was successful in getting the sanctions lifted by bribing UN Security Council members through means of the $111 billion Oil-For-Food program. The investigation answered many of the incessant criticisms proffered by the Democrats and certainly demolishes Kerry’s alternative solution for Iraq, reliance on the UN and “old Europe’s” powers for assistance.

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