Roger L. Simon

Governators Nix Party Politix

The Los Angeles Times… that paleo-partisan excuse for a newspaper that did everything in its power to keep Arnold Schwarzengger out of Sacramento short of send himing to Elba… is heaping praise on the Governator all over its front page this morning. How could they not? The man is one of the few politicians in recent memory that actually does what he thinks is right on occasion instead of toeing to a party line. He’s throwing his considerable muscle behind two ballot measures – one to fund embryonic stem cell research to the tune of three billion dollars, the other to establish a blanket primary in Kah-lee-for-nya.

Of course I support the former, but it is the latter that interests me more this morning. It would throw open primaries hereabouts to voters from both parties with the two highest vote-getters facing off in the election, whatever their affiliations. Naturally some people are upset. As Arnold notes in the LAT, Both the Republican and Democratic parties “have asked me not to support Proposition 62,” the governor said. “I didn’t come to Sacramento to make political parties happy.

Good for him. It couldn’t happen to two more moribund institutions. The Democratic Party in California is so arterioscerotic hardly anything has changed about it since I first came to this state in 1968, including their major players. And the Republicans aren’t much better, except for Arnold. They’re lucky to have him.