Roger L. Simon

Can we resist the polls... but what do they mean?

In case you haven’t seen it, the gang at Real Clear Politics is doing an excellent job of keeping track of the various polls as they come in. But what do the polls mean? Quien sabe? At least this record the RCP folks are keeping will give us a better idea of which, if any, pollsters to trust in the next election.

The release this morning of a tie on Zogby is good news for the Kerry forces whose man seemed to be trending down. Or is it? Search me. I don’t even know if the CV that the election will be close is true. And what is close? I can tell you one thing – that will depend on whose ox is gored. The mainstream media will probably declare this a close one if Bush wins by anything less than a five point spread in the popular vote. But it doesn’t matter what they think. It matters what Al Qaeda and their cohorts think.