Roger L. Simon


During the presidential debates both candidates seemed to be assuming Bin Laden is alive. Maybe they know more than we do. Senator Kerry, the man who wouldn’t even attack Saddam after he invaded Kuwait, went so far as to vilify Bush for letting Usama “escape” in Tora Bora, although no one has any proof he did escape (or any real proof that Usama was really there, to my knowledge). Perhaps the Senator was relying on this report from the head of German intelligence, only made public today. But even that is equivocal. I remain skeptical that Usama is alive. A narcissist of that magnitude could not resist parading his phiz on television. (And, yes, I’m aware of the “he’s injured” argument, but it wouldn’t take Bernardo Bertolucci to deal with that possibility.)

But more important I don’t think it matters much if UBL is alive. It’s simple-minded to think that his death or incarceration would change much, just as it is tendentious to blame everything on “Al Qaeda.” “Al Qaeda” is no more than one constantly morphing name for the hydra-head of Islamism. Kerry’s argument that Bush was shirking his duty by not concentrating on “Al Qaeda” is specious and, I hope (for all our sakes), the Senator is smart enough to know that. I also I assume that his supporters in the Mainstream Media are intelligent enough to know that Saddam could support the Islamists one day and kill them the next. This is the way things go, as anyone covering the Mafia for decades (as that same MSM does) would know. Making that clean break between Saddam and “Al Qaeda” is just another Big Lie of the Mainstream Media, but it is such an obvious one that it is almost embarrassing. Time to change their URL along with UBL’s.