Roger L. Simon

The Writers Guild Should Organize Bloggers

The Evangelical Outpost has by far the most interesting and detailed response to Sunday’s NYT magazine cover story on blogging: <a title=”the evangelical outpost: With a Friend Like This‚Ķ
The New York Times Trashes Lefty Bloggers” href=””>With a Friend Like This… The New York Times Trashes Lefty Bloggers. For those of us who found the article a tad on the long side, he provides a convenient list of bulleted points. Here’s the one that made my head swivel.

Points out that for a skin merchant, Denton is quite the skin-flint. Wonkette only gets paid $18,000 a year.

A measly eighteen grand for all that publicity? Anonymous television rewrite people end up with many times that for six weeks work because of the WGA. I don’t know how many hits Wonkette gets, but I imagine it’s up there. Does she get a cut from her advertising or does Denton take it all? If not, huelga! Bloggers of the world unite!