Roger L. Simon

The Best Speech of the Political Campaign from Allawi

The best speech of the political campaign so far (I’m serious) came today from Iraqi interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi. He was elegant, eloquent and gracious. When he thanked America, I was genuinely moved. When he warned of the media distortion of events there, I thought of Rather. When he told us that they could hold an election today if need be, I clenched my fist. Go for it.


Meanwhile, in one of the front rows, isolated by the video camera, was the much excoriated Paul Wolfowitz. Bravo for him. History will reward him.

UPDATE: Allawi transcript here.

MORE: Having watched the Bush-Allawi press conference, I must say that this “Koch Democrat” (some people emailed that I was called that on CSPAN) is more impressed than ever with George W. Bush. (To my “social liberal” comrades. Sure, he doesn’t support gay marriage. But hardly anyone even talked about gay marriage in the whole history of our country until a few years ago. Relax. Gay rights are on extraordinarly fast upward curve. Take a slight breather to give the Islamic world a chance.) And for those of you who are still wavering about how to vote, I suggest reading this article and considering whether this President is a force for good in the world.

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