Roger L. Simon

Is Dr. Germ... or her sister in crime... spilling the beans?

The following graph stopped me up short in Debka’sZarqawi Is Using Hostages to Ransom Old Friends, Drs Germ and Anthrax:

According to DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources, Zarqawi has been tipped off that one of the two Iraqi scientists is on the point of breaking under questioning and spilling the beans on Saddam’s WMD to her American interrogators. He therefore interceded by seizing the three Western hostages, either to gain her release or scare her into holding silent.

If this is true (who knows?), it means Zarqawi has ears within the… I would imagine… close-knit unit holding the two women scientists. It’s hard to believe our people are that sloppy… or is it? Read the whole thing.