Roger L. Simon

Iran and the USA Agree for Once

According to the Tehran Times,

A political analyst said here Sunday that Britain, France and Germany – the EU big three states that entered dialogue with Iran since last October – are not reliable adding that the countries demonstrated their unfaithfulness in the most extreme form.

The nerve of perfidious Albion and those duplicitous Frogs – after so many decades of cheap oil, I know just how the mullahs must feel. But speaking of those friendly prelates, the same issue of Tehran Times is also reporting:

Majlis Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel said here on Sunday that Iran considers the peaceful use of nuclear technology to be the inalienable right of the nation and will not forgo its peaceful nuclear activities.

Note the use of the word “peaceful.” I imagine John Edwards will be reassured. [Why did you vote for him?-ed. I must have been having delirium tremens.]