Roger L. Simon

Surrealism from Sixty Minutes

The transcripts currently out on Drudge from tonight’s “Sixty Minutes II” read like outtakes from Jarry’s Ubu Roi – a television network in the midst of a nervous breakdown. The whiff of desperation comes from every line as if the entire enterprise is about to implode – and it is.


From their own program:

Its very clear the documents were forged. They were laid on him and this time he bit.

ANDREWS: 40 members of the House signed a letter accusing the network of deception–in a letter asking CBS if the documents are authentic, why wont the network say how it got them .

Roy Blunt (R-Missouri): I think at the very least CBS should characterize the source. I think it’s amazing that they haven’t already done that.

No kidding. Time for some Congressional hearings maybe? A little Watergate action? These stonewalling jokers have a broadcasting license. Are they allowed to use the public airwaves as their personal propaganda playground? Bring back Ceausescu!

Meanwhile, the aging secretary is brought in for a cameo: First of all Killian was very friendly with Bush they had fun together. And I think it upset him very much that he was being defied.

The redoubtable Mr. Hayward speaks: “We would not have put the report on the air if we did not believe in every aspect of it.


Of course the narrator assures us: However, News President Andrew Heyward also says the network will try to resolve what he calls the unresolved issues.

Thank you, Pere Ubu! It’s too incredbile to believe. Is this actually happening?

UPDATE: In case you haven’t seen it, LGF has a verbatim copy of the document CBS is circulating to its affiliates who must be very nervous by now. This will not assuage their anxiety. What is most stunning in all this is the utter amateurishness of CBS. It’s almost like the Wizard of Oz. What a great message that story has always had for all of us. So does this, really.

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