Roger L. Simon

The Voyage from Hell

This blog has been silent because I am just emerging from… the Voyage from Hell… that is, the 9:30 AM flight from LA to NY, which was scheduled to arrive at 6:02PM and… due to storms… and after a “delightful” five or so hour stopover in Buffalo plus another two hour delay on the tarmac of JFK where several hundred planes were stacked… at 2:30AM! My flight from LA to Kathmandu several years ago was shorter. Needless to say I’m a little shellshocked and having difficulty typing. The only good in this experience, during which we were never allowed to get off the plane, is that I got through the 400+ pp of Michael Connelly’s The Narrows. (excellent!).

I also discovered, just checking Instapundit, that the mainstream media are still ignoring the Kerry/Cambodia Mother of All Flip Flops. [Maybe they were in Cambodia too, taking incoming.–ed. Hey, so was I. I also was at the Battle of the Bulge. Didn’t you see me?] Perhaps I should go back into the air and wait until they do their job. Trouble is I might never come down… and with that catering…

UPDATE: BTW, while I was in the air, I noticed that certain bloggers are accusing Instapundit…. and by extension me … and obsessing on this Cambodia flap. I am sorry but I respectfully disagree. I think lying on the Senate floor about a situation of war is pretty much as bad as it gets for an elected official of our government. Comparing that to a flap about Howard Stern doesn’t even compute for me. But maybe I’m missing something.

MORE: The WaPo editorial on the Swift Boat Veterans is a pure example of the New Reactionaries at work. The papers’ editors barely deal with the substance of the charge at all, which are DETAILED IN A FOOTNOTED BOOK, but attack a soundbite ad and slam the individuals behind it. Facts? Forget about them. Shame on the WaPo. This is the newspaper that gave us Watergate, but they won’t touch Cambodiagate with ten-foot sampan!