Roger L. Simon

Kudos to "The National Debate"

… for staying on top of what appears to be internal malfeasance at Amazon and Barnes and Noble Online, regarding Unfit for Command. The book, however, seems to be doing just fine. As of now it is number one on Amazon.

But speaking of books, I am curious what Douglas Brinkley, author of the laudatory Kerry bio Tour of Duty, would have to say about The Cambodia Affair. He makes no reference to Kerry’s having crossed the border into Cambodia. To the contrary, he indicates Kerry’s awareness that, to use a former president’s words, “That would be wrong.”

Yet, Brinkley must surely have been aware of Kerry’s various peculiar pronouncements on the subject, now available all over the Internet, if not in The New York Times, which evidently does not (yet) consider this news. Did he ever ask Il Capitano about it? Perhaps he preferred not to. After all, a gig’s a gig.

UPDATE: The movie version is already out!