Roger L. Simon

Tom Maguire of "Just One Minute"...

…has become one of those indispensable resources I turn to every day to monitor the developing struggle between the mainstream media and the blogosphere on the Swift Boat veterans and related matters. Let’s call it the “honesty in campaigning issue,” if such a thing were remotely possible. Tom is a more assiduous fact-checker than I (too much fiction/screenwriter in me)and I rely on him for a more thorough approach. He deals with Le Mystère de la Cambodge, recently discussed on this blog, here and with the Kranish Perplex here.

In his discussion of Michael Kranish, the Boston Globe journo in various “blogosights” yesterday for distorting the non-retraction retraction of Swift Boat Captain George Elliott, we see Maguire at his best, first attacking Kranish full bore, accusing the reporter of that greatest of journalistic sins, the Dowd-like use of ellipses, and then pulling back slightly as the blogger learns more. This is what blogs do well, refining their thoughts for accuracy as the story clarifies. Newspapers, lumbering vehicles that they are, cannot do that. But that does not exonerate Kranish from an explanation for his distortions. The public deserves it. His honor requires it. This is a serious matter.

UPDATE: Do not miss the personal observations of Texas attorney William “Beldar” Dyer on this matter. Although I assume most have seen the link on Instapundit, I’ll add my praise to this other first-rate blog.

MORE: The Globe bangs its shoe here. Of course, what is missing is a reprint of the affadavit itself, letting us here in the “unwashed” decide for ourselves. Newspapers, especially the NYT, used to do that with some frequency, as I recall. No longer. That is why I prefer CSPAN to all cable networks. [Aren’t you the impartial one?–ed. Who asked you?]