Roger L. Simon

I'll Take (the) Manhattan (Project)... the Bronx and Stat...

Natanz.jpg Actually this little project is not Manhattan at all, but a satellite view of a putative nuclear facility at Natanz, Iran. What part is above or below ground, we don’t know… or if we do, we’re not saying.

But apropos of yesterday’s post “Department of Uh-Oh,” well, uh-oh is already here, according to today’s Reuter’s dispatch:

Iran said Saturday it had resumed building nuclear centrifuges, which Washington says are intended to enrich uranium to weapons-grade for use in bombs.

Iran’s decision backtracks from a pledge in October to the European Union (news – web sites)’s “big three” members — Britain, France and Germany — to suspend all uranium enrichment-related activities.

“We have started building centrifuges,” Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi told a news conference.

However he insisted Iran had not resumed enriching uranium, the key part of the process which can either produce fuel for power stations or bomb material.

Reassuring that. I’m one of those guys who believes “every word” uttered by Foreign Minister Kharrazi.

Meanwhile, Kerry has been calling for rapprochement with Iran, according to Fred Kaplan in The New Republic.

Like these, Kerry’s calls for a rapprochement with Teheran come at a rather inopportune moment. The very regime that Kerry demands we engage, after all, has just been certified as an Al Qaeda sanctuary–and by the very [9/11] commission in which the Kerry campaign has invested so much hope. The report’s finding, moreover, counts as only one of Teheran’s sins. Lately its theocrats have been wreaking havoc in Iraq and Afghanistan, aiding America’s foes along Iran’s borders in the hopes of expanding their influence in both countries, even as they continue to fund Palestinian terror groups. Then, too, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has amassed a mountain of evidence pointing to Iranian violations of the Nonproliferation Treaty. With two nuclear power plants slated to go online in Iran, and IAEA inspectors stumbling across designs for sophisticated centrifuges, even the Europeans and the United Nations have nearly exhausted their efforts to engage the Islamic Republic.

Unfortunately, according to the same article, Bush’s people have been wishy-washy on this issue. But at least they’re taking a stand, unlike the Democrats. I thought the Democratic Party was anti-fascist. That’s one of the reasons I joined originally, maybe the most important reason. I’m one of those naive people who didn’t like Pinochet. Get with it, Democrats. What happened to your idealism? Got lost on the way to a Bush Burning?