Roger L. Simon

The Final Cut

The latest DRUDGE FLASH ALERT was a flashback for me — all the way to New Haven, CT, circa 1965, my first year at the Yale Drama School. John Kerry was at the college at the same time, I believe (We’re exactly the same age but I skipped – hah!). I remember him vaguely from political meetings… sorry, it’s been a while… this tall guy who claimed to be against the war, but then to my surprise enlisted in that same war all of us despised. Even then, as I have blogged before, I smelled a rat, that he had motives not exactly consonant with the progressive politics of the day. Now it seems… at least according to sources cited on Drudge… that I may have been right. He was starring in his own calculated home movie – a remake of PT 109. It’s been years in the making. I’ll guess I’ll be watching the final cut tomorrow night.

UPDATE: Suppose they showed this film by accident at the convention instead?