Roger L. Simon

Bring back 'Boss Tweed' or, at least, Mayor Daly

Jeff Jarvis is certainly right in trying to find a new approach to our political conventions (and, no, much as I would like to say so, blogs are not the answer). These convention thingies are supposed to be American Landmarks like the Super Bowl, but, at least with the Super Bowl you don’t know who is going to win (for a while anyway. The opening round of the Dem Convention tonight made me yearn for the days of the smoke-filled room, this affair was so stultifying and managed. Sure Clinton is a better speaker than Gore or Carter, but didn’t we already know that? And what does it tell us about the future of American politics… or the future of anything?

I was so bored I sneaked out in the middle of it to see The Bourne Supremacy. Brief review: Matt Damon — the boy has got it. He’s turning into a new, upmarket Steve McQueen. Director of Photography Oliver Wood is superb (great gritty Moscow locations). The plot, well, it’s those bad new Russkies (capitalist oil thugs) as opposed to those bad old Russkies (KGB thugs) with some corrupt CIA thrown in. Been there, done that, a thousand times, but what the hey… it’s fun and it opened for fifty million. And it sure was more amusing than the convention.