Roger L. Simon

They should put up a statue to this woman at LAX

I’m serious. While the 9/11 Commission Report makes our intelligence agencies look like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight and our former national security people are… well, enough said… some individual Americans are actually saving our lives:

Many posts and articles on the Berger matter quote Richard Clarke’s verdict that the Millennium plot to bomb LAX was foiled by luck. Luck, in the sense of a fluke occurrence, had nothing to do with it. A vigilant U.S. Customs Inspector followed up on her suspicions and searched the trunk of a car trying to enter the US at the Canadian border. She expected to find drugs but, instead, found the makings of one or more big bombs.

Her name is Diana Dean and she deserves to have her name remembered and get credit for her good work.

I’d rather see a statue of Ms. Dean at the entrance to Los Angeles International Airport than all those silly illuminated post-modern columns presently lining Century Blvd. combined. (If they want her to look trendy, maybe they can find some recycled Miami Vice costumes).