Roger’s Rules

A New Year’s Gift


For many, New Year’s Day is a time for gentle reflection.  We think back on the year that’s past (good riddance to 2011, I say: what a year!) and look forward to the year ahead: resolutions, ambitions, anticipations, trepidations. . .

One good thing that is nigh is another splendid recording by the pianist Simone Dinnerstein.  I’ve written about Ms. Dinnerstein in this space before (see A musical interlude  and Another musical interlude). I think she is a remarkable musician. Her recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations dethroned Glenn Gould as my favorite rendition of that sublime work. Ms. Dinnerstein’s new recording, “Something Almost Being Said,” is a sort of conversation ohne Worte (as Mendelssohn might have put it) between Bach and Schubert.  I am grateful to have received an early promotional copy. The Ding an sich will be available shortly and is available pre-order now. Start 2012 off right and get a copy now.