Roger’s Rules

Bob Etheridge and the meaning of apology

So Bob Etheridge, the Congressman (D-N.C.) who publicly  manhandled a student for the outrage of  asking whether he supported Obama’s agenda, is sorry. “Deeply and profoundly” sorry.

You bet he is!  I mean, it’s the rare person who can commit political hari kari in public and not feel at least a wee bit sorry about it afterwards.

Still, although Congressman Etheridge has emitted all the expected sounds of contrition, we may wish to step back and distinguish saying you are sorry and demonstrating your remorse by appropriate action.

In the case of Congressman Etheridge, performing the latter would be as simple as it is unlikely. “Who are you? Who are you” the Congressman repeatedly asked the student who dared to greet the  great man on the street and ask him a question. Congressman Etheridge ought to turn that question on himself.  And the answer should be “Former Congressman Etheridge.” Anyone wish to open a book on the odds of that happening?