Hillary Sees the Gorilla. It's Large.

Here's one of those headlines that makes you feel almost sorry for the legacy (formerly the "mainstream") media:

Hillary Clinton fears al-Qaeda is obtaining nuclear weapons material

Is this bulletin from the London Times . . . news? I mean, is the substance of the story news? Possibly, the wife of Bill Clinton just discovered the hefty gorilla lounging in the drawing room. Since she also just happens to be Secretary of State (remind me: how did that happen?), you have to wonder. But the rest of us have long known, as the Times courteously reminds us, that "As far back as 1998, Osama bin Laden stated that it was his Islamic duty to acquire and use weapons of mass destruction."

Well, then, if it's his religious duty (we can't call it "Islamic" any more, can we?), I guess we'll have to say OK, what?

We can cross that bridge when we come to it -- which, as it happens, may be sooner than our masters in Washington have reckoned.

I have been unable to confirm rumors that the Obama administration has contracted with the estate of the abstract artist Ken Noland to redecorate Washington and other major cities. Readers will recall that Noland's signature work looks an awful lot like a target you might use in archery practice.

Whether Noland knock-offs will begin appearing on major buildings and military installations I do not know. But it really doesn't matter. The President has effectively drawn targets over all American interests with his words. By announcing his intention to "substantially narrow the conditions" under which America would use nuclear weapons, Obama put everyone on notice that, although the United States would certainly prefer not to be attacked, if we were attacked we would be certain to respond cautiously.