Another point of light: Welcome Repubclic!

No, it’s not a typo. Repubclic is a new web site that anyone interested in

  • nurturing individual liberty
  • promoting fiscal responsibility
  • curbing the drift rush toward statism
  • putting the “service” back in “public service”
  • getting the government off your back
  • lowering taxes
  • attending to America’s national security

will want to make part of their daily internet rounds.

Unveiled about 15 minutes ago, Repubclic “was founded by a group of forward-thinking conservatives in 2010, on the eve of what we expect is a tidal shift in American political sentiment in favor of personal liberty, smaller government, and less regulation.”

What is Repubclic all about?

Repubclic is a gathering place. We’d invent an African proverb to describe it, but we don’t have one at the ready.

Sign up for an account, post the latest news along with your commentary, submit to to the community, and then click on Stories Coming Up and vote on what’s most important, what’s funniest, what’s best. Simple.

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Help “save the republic, one click at a time.”


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