Obamaville: The Next Kettle for the Tea Party?

I was interested to see that some enterprising souls in Wisconsin have erected a billboard along Highway 41 calling for the impeachment of President Obama. “America’s small businesses are failing,” it reminds motorists; “help us spread the message.” I’m doing my bit here.

Not that the fact of America’s stuttering economy is, by  itself, grounds for impeachment as provided by Article II Section 4 of the Constitution. But it certainly is grounds for protest — a clarion call for a new species of “community organizer,” one not taught by chaps like Bill “just-a-guy-in-the-neighborhood” Ayers.

A friend presented this brilliant strategy, right from the Left-wing Democratic playbook. Remember reading about “Hoovervilles,”  the shantytowns erected by the homeless during the Great Depression? I suggest that tea-partiers  consider nominating various depressed municipalities Obamaville, in honor of the President’s magical non-stimulating stimulus bill which, at last count, had cost taxpayers some $850 billion and which, as of this writing, has left us with a national unemployment figure hovering around 10 percent.

Ten percent is bad. But take a trip to El Centro, California, where the unemployment (by the government’s own, probably conservative, figure) is 27.7 percent. Or try another part of Nancy Pelosi’s state, Merced, California, where the Labor Department says the unemployment rate is 19.8 percent. While you’re at it, you might wish to nominate the entire state of Michigan — where the unemployment rate in December was 14.6 percent — an honorary Obamaville.

“Welcome to Obamaville,” a billboard might say, “where seldom is heard an encouraging word and the taxes are higher today.”