Announcing the Save Frank Rich Society

I never thought it would happen. I am actually feeling sorry for Frank Rich. True, my feelings of sorrow and compassion -- I won't call it "empathy" -- have stiff competition from irritation and contempt, the jolly old stand-bys that always step forward when someone brings a column by Rich to my attention. For, truth be told, that is the only way I encounter anything published in The New York Times these days. I long ago gave up my subscription -- Free, free at last! And out of regard for both the preciousness of time -- you can't waste time without injuring eternity, said Thoreau, who (unlike Frank Rich) wasn't wrong about everything -- and solicitude for my blood pressure, I resolved some time ago never to visit The New York Times web site unless a trusted friend had directed me to a specific article.

So imagine my reaction when a friend sent me a link to "The Obama Haters’ Silent Enablers," Rich's column in the June 14 issue of the paper. The ostensible subject of Rich's column is right-wing "haters," a large and diverse population (according to Rich), membership in which you, too, Dear Reader, may qualify for if you deign to offer any but the mildest criticism of our Dear Leader, a.k.a. Barack Obama. No article by Frank Rich is complete without a swipe at President George W. Bush, and so it was only business as usual that he should indulge in a little preliminary Bush-bashing before getting down to the subject at hand: "In his scant 145 days in office, the new president has not remotely matched the Bush record in deficit creation." For support, Rich links to another article in The New York Times. Never mind that that article actually apportions the blame for the deficit rather evenly between Bush and Obama. Personally, I think Bush was profligate with the taxpayers' dough. But I see now that he was a rank amateur when it comes to serious economic blow-out. To appreciate this, all you need to do is to savor this chart which Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit has been posting frequently in recent weeks as a public service.


Bottom line? Obama's deficit in his first year is nearly 5 times the enormous deficit bequeathed us by the Bush administration. And that's after only his "scant 145" days in office. Just wait till he sinks his teeth in health care, cap-and-trade, and other economic pits.

While we wait for that tragedy to unfold, let us return to Frank Rich and his campaign against "haters." He starts by linking to a a video clip in which FoxNews anchor Shepard Smith expresses concern about the "out there" rhetoric of the anti-Obama email that has been pouring into his inbox. Rich's gambit is essentially "If even FoxNews is worried, we have a problem." But what struck me was the fact that someone at "conservative," "right-wing" FoxNews would acknowledge and criticize the intemperate tone of missives critical of the president. Was there ever any such airing on NBC, CBS, CNN, or in the pages of The New York Times when the Bush = Hitler folks climbed up on their soap boxes?