Obama's societal Blitzkrieg: the rise of piracy as a metaphor for the retribalization of the world

So, pirates in the Gulf of Aden today bagged another U.S. trophy: an American-owned, Italy-flagged tugboat. According to Reuters, the boat's 16-man crew included 10 Italians. What will we do? What should we do?

As to the former question, who knows? The Age of Obama is shaping up to be another age of "negotiation," i.e., an age of accommodation and capitulation.

As to the latter question, John Keegan, writing in the London Telegraph, got it exactly right: "our campaign must be ruthless and pitiless: pirate ships must be sunk on sight and the crews left to swim to safety, if it can be reached. . . . [Pirates] needed to be hunted to extinction – and the time to start the hunt is now."

Exactly so. Jules Crittenden (h/t Instapundit) expands on Keegan's sage advice.

Declare Somalia’s coast to be a no go for small boats, or boats of any kind. Offshore or tied up at the dock. On trailers, on the beach. Send whatever airframes may be appropriate to the task … UAVs, helicopters, Warthogs, F-16s, whatever … and destroy every boat along the coast. Wait a day or two, repeat. Wait a week or two, repeat. Destroy any boat launch, repair, storage or harbor facilities as may exist while you’re at it. A few quick Marine shore parties, naval missile barrages and close-in naval raids may also be helpful.

No boats, no piracy.