Roger’s Rules

Funniest Headline of the Week

Most people, I believe, would not naturally associate the phrase “sense of humor” with the name “Nancy Pelosi.” And yet it turns out that, deep down, Madame Speaker does harbor a bit of a twinkle. No, I am not thinking of her risible belief that her dignity demands traveling by military jet at vast expense to the taxpayer. Nor am I thinking of her equally risible suggestion that money for contraception should be part of the “stimulus” package because fewer people meant fewer claims on the U.S. Treasury. All that is plenty funny, almost as funny as Pelosi’s recent audience with the Pope, who, strange to say, did not see the humor in this supposed Catholic’s advocacy of the left-liberal line on “a woman’s right to choose.”

But perhaps the funniest thing Nancy Pelosi has said in recent memory was reported by The Hill a few days ago under splendidly jocular headline “Speaker Pelosi: I am not partisan“:

“There seems to — some people think there seems to be a market for saying that I am very partisan, and that I don’t give the Republicans their opportunity. That simply is not true.”

A excellent jest, is it not? What laughs she and Harry Reid must have together when they sit around contemplating the effect of such statements. In this age of round-the-clock polls about every conceivable subject, I wonder why some enterprising pollster hasn’t endeavored to measure the contempt in which our elected officials hold the citizens who elect them. Surely Nancy Pelosi’s declaration of non-partisanship would be a good starting point for such an inquiry.