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The Bailout Chronicles: Chapter 83, In which a picture turns out to be worth a thousand words

Many of my readers, I hope, are familiar with Bill Watterson's late, lamented comic-book series recounting the exploits of Calvin and Hobbes. In my view, it is a masterpiece, as wise and intellectually sophisticated as it is funny. It was a sad day when Mr. Watterson decided to hang up his pen and move on to other pursuits.

No one, I think, will gainsay the humor of Calvin and Hobbes. But how about the wisdom? Is that too large a claim? I offer the following strip, sent to me by a friend, as Exhibit A. I wonder if someone could arrange to have it included in union mailings to UAW members, not to mention all the banks, states, municipalities, and other entities that are lining up for a bailout?