Roger’s Rules

"Evaporative economics"

Joe the Plumber has become a household name, and for at least two reasons. First, he accidentally elicited an important truth from Barack Obama–a truth that has become a slogan: “spread the wealth around.” That, in a nutshell, is Obama’s economic philosophy: take money from person A and give it to person B. Second, Joe is a household name because, having elicited that embarrassing moment of candor, he has become an object of Democratic contempt and fury thus illustrating what can happen to ordinary citizens who have the temerity to ask a pointed question of Obama.

John McCain has made good use of Joe the plumber. I hope that his handlers figure out some way to make good use of another chap who is a fund of home truths about Obama and the Democrats, including the home that Obama’s economic polices are not so much “trickle up” economics but “evaporative economics.” I’m not even sure what this fellow’s name is, but he certainly gives a powerful performance. It’s the most refreshing political talk I’ve seen since Sarah Plain’s convention speech. Watch it here.