Roger’s Rules

"Are you for Obama because he is pro-life or because he thinks we should stay in Iraq and finish the job?"

They say an informed electorate is a bulwark of democracy. How are we doing on that score? Well, a colleague of the talk show host Howard Stern traveled up to Harlem to canvas some folks about their choice for President. It is not surprising that most said they supported Obama. Statistics I’ve seen predict that Obama will get somewhere north of 95 percent of the black vote. But why? Judging from the responses of the men and women in Harlem, it doesn’t have a lot do with his policies. Stern’s colleague took several of McCain’s policies–staying the course in Iraq, being pro-life, setting limits to stem-cell research, even choosing Sarah Palin as his VP–and attributed them to Obama. No problem! As one respondent put, it’s very important to stay in Iraq and finish the job: he was really with Obama on that. He was with him, too, on being pro-life!


Question: “And if he [Obama] wins, would you have any problem with Sarah Palin being Vice-President?”

Answer: “No I wouldn’t. Not at all.”

It’s a revelatory if depressing little performance. Listen to it here.

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