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Conservatives should grow up about John McCain

Illegal Immigration & Amnesty Supporters Endorse McCain for President!” Gee, and the earth is round, too. Of course supporters of open immigration and amnesty for illegal immigrants (or do we call them “undocumented workers” now?) support John McCain. Despite some some recent backpedaling, he’s certainly been their friend. Remember McCain-Feingold–oops, wrong act: McCain-Feingold was McCain attempt to suppress free speech–I meant McCain-Kennedy? They’d be mad not to support him.

I do not like the McCain-Feingold act. Nor do I like the McCain-Kennedy act. And I could easily add to this list (McCain-Liberman on so-called “global warming” is almost as silly). But in politics, as in so many areas of human endeavor, the choice is not between good and evil but between something not so good and something worse. Some of my conservative friends are so horrified by the prospect of a McCain Presidency that they have threatened to take their marbles and go home, i.e., to vote for Obama, or even for Lady Macb–, I mean, for Hillary Rodham Clinton should fate conspire to give the nomination to John McCain.

That seems to me to be little more than petulant grandstanding. John McCain is not perfect. Far from it. I would prefer to pull the lever from Mitt Romney myself–assuming, that is, that Romney could win in the general election. Can he? Many pundits say no. But the unanimity of that conventional wisdom makes me regard it as highly suspect–akin, for example, to the wisdom that told us last summer 1) that Rudy was a shoo-in 2) that McCain was finished, and that more recently assured us 3) that Obama was finished 4) that Hillary was finished. The conventional wisdom is never wise and seldom more than merely conventional, i.e., a shot in the dark which is then magnified by repetition into seeming truth. We just don’t know what will happen.

I’ll be checking in regularly for Pajamas Media on the primary tomorrow. As of this writing McCain has a 20-point lead over Romney. We’ll see how that fares as the day progresses.

In the meantime, I wish conservatives, who are supposed to be the adults in the political game, would grow up and acknowledge that John McCain would be a far less frightening occupant of the Oval Office than a naive, left-wing utopian or a thoroughly ruthless ideologue who will stop at nothing in her quest for power.