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A cornucopia of Nordlinger

Not only is Jay Nordlinger the best music critic going, he is also an essayist of astonishing range, companionability, and insight. His new collection, aptly titled Here, There & Everywhere (Jay seems to have been everywhere and noticed everything), ranges over everything from politics to golf. The book won’t be available in bookstores until the new year. But advance copies–signed and, if you wish, personally inscribed by the author–are available now at a special discount through National Review here. The English historian Paul Johnson has it exactly right: “Jay Nordlinger is one of America’s most versatile and pungent writers. He is at home in geopolitics and sociology, in sport and music and literature, and to all these topics he brings an inquiring mind, deep knowledge, and an engaging style. This collection shows him at his wide-ranging best.” Don’t miss it. And don’t miss the lively conversation between Jay and John J. Miller about the book.