Waiting for Donald

Cries of “USA! USA!” went up from the growing crowd at Orange County’s Pacific Amphitheater, where a Donald Trump event is being held more than an hour before the scheduled arrival of The Donald.


Reason:  In different parts of the crowd, women had stood up with hand-written posters reading “Women for Trump,” “Latinas for Trump,” and, to the loudest cheers, “Black Christian Women for Trump.” (This is probably because — excuse my horrifying sexism — she was very good looking.

Prediction: We’re going to be seeing a lot more of such signs in the future as the campaign goes forward. Although the vast majority of the faces filing in Thursday evening were white, the vast majority of them are not racist, unless you believe having national borders makes you a racist.


After a warm up speech by the mayor of Rancho Santa Margarita — no Bobby Knight here in blue, blue California — a public address assured the audience that Mr. Trump supported the First Amendment and warned them not to act violently toward protesters.  This was a night to have fun. If someone protests, just start yelling “Trump” and waving Trump signs. It’s all a little “cult of personality” — but what the hell.

This is my third Trump event to witness in person (many more on TV) and it strikes me that they are becoming “happenings” for Middle America. They are unlike political events I have seen before. The most similar I have seen were rallies I attended for Bobby Kennedy years ago. RFK and Trump had and have a real charisma.



Normal candidates cannot compete with those rare charismatic leaders when they come along. That is why Cruz and Kasich could not compete with Trump, nor could the fourteen or fifteen others once on the stage with him.  It is also why I predict he will defeat Hillary Clinton, who has the charisma of a dead turtle.

Whether that is good for democracy is another question, but it is a fact of human, not just American, life.

As I write this the amphitheater is just filling up to its 8,500-seat capacity. Untold thousands wait outside.

Who do you think is going to win California?


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