More on Whether Obama or Ayers Wrote "Dreams"

For some time Jack Cashill has been doing textual and other analysis on whether Barack Obama, Bill Ayers or a combination wrote Obama’s one well-written book Dreams from My Father.  Today Cashill has more about his highly-controversial, not to say charged, accusation:


To be sure, there is much other evidence to believe that Ayers crafted Dreams: the comprehensive postmodern patois that Obama and Ayers share, the matching 50 or so nautical metaphors, the shared use of the Conrad-like triple-parallels, the nearly fetishistic eye and eyebrow metaphors, the three stunning parallel stories, the four matching errors, the same weary ’60s worldview, the borrowed Ayers girlfriend in Dreams, the inarguably similar Homeric openings, the dramatically inferior writings of Obama before and after Dreams, and more.  It is Ayers’ strategic use of black surrogates, however, that will tell us why he involved himself in Dreams.

The first of the surrogates readers of Dreams know as “Frank.”  In real life, of course, he was poet, pornographer, and Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis.  Despite his influential role as mentor to the teenage Obama and his talents as a writer, Davis remains unknown to 99 percent of Obama supporters.  The media are queasy about the “Communist” part.

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