Climategate: Why Obama switched his Copenhagen itinerary

Originally, President Barack Obama was supposed to attend the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen for the beginning of the conference on Monday, Dec. 7, bless the occasion and leave. Lately we have heard he switched his itinerary to be there at the end of the two weeks in order to give his blessing and impetus to the decision itself. That’s the conventional wisdom anyway, but I am growing suspicious. Things are falling apart with amazing rapidity for the man-made global warming movement, not just because UN’s own climate chief is getting cold feet.


There’s more, as they say. The Daily Telegraph and The American Thinker are reporting today on what could be smoking guns. Could it be that by pushing back his appearance Obama was just buying time so that, if things go really awry, he doesn’t have to show up at all? Well, the conventional wisdom may still be right on this one, but the way things are going…



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